Tournament Info

TESL Weekly #9
Sunday, February 25, 2018 10:00am PST


Tournament Information
WarpMeta is hosting an Elder Scrolls Legends tournament for individuals to compete. We will be playing by Last Hero Standing rules, so each player needs to have three decks to bring to the tournament. The event is single elimination as well. For more information on rules, please refer to the rules link at the top of this page.
We will host these events each week on Thursday or Sunday at this time for the foreseeable future. If you need more information, feel free to join our Discord Channel and ask an admin or the community for help!
This event is free to enter
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Registered Players
Join these high-quality TESL players in this exciting competition.
Rank: Serpent
Classes: Assassin, Sorcerer and Monk
Best Rank: Serpent

Rank: Legend 40
Classes: Battlemage, Warrior and Scout
Best Rank: Serpent

Rank: Ritual
Classes: Battlemage, Assassin and Archer
Best Rank: Ritual

Rank: Serpent
Classes: Battlemage, Scout and Mage
Best Rank: Lover

Rank: Atronach
Classes: Crusader, Warrior and Scout
Best Rank: Legend 100

Rank: Tower
Classes: Spellsword, Battlemage and Archer
Best Rank: Thief

My Personal Decks

Rank: Legend 67
Classes: Assassin, Archer and Mage
Best Rank: Legend 1
Rank: Legend 10
Classes: Assassin, Archer and Mage
Best Rank: Legend 6

My Personal Decks