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WarpMeta Open III
Sponsored by  RIMON 
Law Firm Evolved

Saturday, April 1, 11:00am PDT
Teams competing in our Season One Open Tournament Series are vying for the chance to participate in the Series Finals on April 29th with its $500 prize pool.
Open Tournament competitors gain points by winning matches, with their progress charted on our leader boards. The top eight teams will be qualify for the Finals. Before registering, please scroll down below for more information regarding team SR guidelines
The three Open Tournaments and the Finals total over $1000 in prize money!
Points and prize money for this tournament are:
1st Place: 4 Points, $150 Prize
2nd Place: 2 Points, $60 Prize
3rd Place: 1 Point

This event is sponsored by Rimon Law Firm. Rimon is a highly selective entrepreneurial firm that combines the dynamic client service, teamwork and agility of a high-end boutique law firm with the deep multidisciplinary experience of a large global firm. Rimon's clients consistently receive exceptional representation across its 17 locations, from its all-star team of corporate, litigation, tax, intellectual property, entertainment, and private client attorneys.
This is a Free Event!  $0 Entry Fee

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This tournament is limited to teams with Avg SR under 4000 (If you are a team over this limit, please view the information below Registered Teams). To register, your team must be a part of the WarpMeta Community. If your team is not a member, you can join by visiting our Teams Page 
Please sign in to register your team for this tournament or to make yourself available as a Free Agent.
 Registration ends in 05 Days 04 Hours 14  Minutes 44  Seconds 
Join these high-quality Overwatch teams in this exciting competition.
Really Bad Guys
WarpMeta's Open Tournaments are designed for amateur Overwatch Teams to allow them to compete in a professional-style environment. We ask high-rated semi-pro and professional teams will be asked to be patient as we prepare our higher ranked tournaments later in March. We are in the process of creating a Masters Series for teams with SR over 4000. Thank you for your understanding. If you competed in our first open event, your points will carry over to the Masters Series events.
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