Tournament Info

Titles and Logos
WarpMeta Masters II
Sponsored by
Xsolla eSports Academy
Saturday, April 22, 11:00am PDT
Final Results
The Tournament Winner is Matter
The Runner-Up is Liberum Tempus
Teams competing in our Masters Series are vying for $500 in prize money. We plan to run two Masters events this season, with a third event in early May for the top 4 teams. We will be hosting some of the top amateur and semi-pro teams in North America, as they earn points to increase their standing towards the finals.
This tournament is not for the faint of heart, so be prepared to compete at a high level. Team SR guidelines are described below.
Points and prize money for this tournament are:
1st Place: 4 Points, $240 Prize
2nd Place: 2 Points, $160 Prize
3rd Place: 1 Point, $100
Sponsored by Xsolla eSports Academy. Xsolla provides opportunities for competitive gamers around the world to showcase their talent and offer direct Coaching services. Become a Legend today!
This is a Free Event! $0 Entry Fee
Join these high-quality Overwatch teams in this exciting competition.
E2 Esports White
Liberum Tempus
Pardon My French Toast
WarpMeta's Masters Tournaments are designed for top amateur and semi-pro Overwatch Teams. We ask that your team's captain/coach/manager visit us on Discord to learn more and get updates.