Oblivion Awaits! Decks to try before the new expansion lands

By: Bujinnovation, September 20th, 2019.


With the new expansion for TESL looming around the corner, we are left in a lull with little content left to explore and in a search for motivation. As a player who takes pride in his deckbuilding abilities, I have taken the time to put together some decks that highlight fun mechanics as well as color combinations that have been left unexplored. Here are some decks to help pass the time until the new set drops.

Neutral-Token Consume Spellsword:

Deck Code: SPACsjejADlZrPvGAOwGwywBvWwagpvOkYpqfqlIkkhUxb

Neutral-Token Consume Spellsword is a deck that focuses on powerful combos which push wide and explosive boards sometimes as early as turn 4. This deck pulls from the consistent strong early board presence of traditional token Spellsword lists, but adds Neutral synergies as a way to push the consume mechanic to its full potential. The synergies in this deck all twist together perfectly to create a deck that can win in a multitude of ways. It will always add a different feel to a deck when your wins don’t feel repetitive. Each time you win with this deck the way you get there will be vastly different. From winning off of early game consume combos with Seeker of the Black Arts and Ruin Shambler, to strong openers with Dwemer cards like Steam Constructor and Dwarven Dynamo, your experience game to game will keep you on your toes. Ordirniran Necromancer naturally synergizes with cards like Mercenary Caption to give your board of tokens +1/+1, or with Ruin Shambler to enable your consume creatures. This deck has been a fan favorite of people watching my stream and is a great showcase for a mechanic we received in ‘Moons of Elsweyr’.

Item Dominion:

Deck code: SPANejhgsymxajbqjVnLxcoGuGaAuxAKdJdVqFeMqLdIjHimfyguAOotgPjXklgyoerCsHfMqydyiykvlY

Item Dominion is a three color take on the classic Gardener of Swords + Master of Arms combo. The deck is particularly strong vs Midrange Archetypes and aggressive archetypes, where it controls the board until it can combo huge item cards with Gardener of swords to push massive damage or draw a ton of cards. Gardener of Swords is the real combo enabler in this deck and is easily your most valuable resource. Ice Storm is a huge counter to the popular Crab Aggro Decks on the ladder and can match tall threats from blue midrange decks with buffed creatures and removal spells. Item decks have quietly been given new synergies from cards like Sentinel Reclaimer and can deal a crazy amount of burst damage on combo turns. Look to this deck if you want to experience a familiar strategy build with tools to beat some of the best decks on ladder.


Prophecy Mid Mage:


Deck code: SPACbqaAAGwfqhdVnrkAfxAMdfhndrlYoejHjSgedIrCvKvD

Prophecy Mid Mage is a favorite of mine. This is the archetype I first used to finish top 20 on ladder back in November, 2017. Prophecy Mid Mage is a deck built to punish aggressive strategies and leverages powerful mid game options like Alfiq Conjurer, Fate Weaver, and Mighty Conjuring. This is a deck that is competitively viable and a good curtain call for ladder when you run into a wall of Aggro decks. The deck plays 24 prophecies that also happen to line up decently with the natural power curve even if they aren’t hit as prophecies. This deck is a very straight forward midrange deck that can struggle vs Tribunal and Telvanni Control decks but overall presents a great winrate on ladder and is a thorn in the side of players that rely on a lineup of solid aggressive strategies in a tournament format.


Midrange/Rage Hlaalu:

Deck Code: SPANffasjybkwOkCfegjbdoGlHgDooAKfWspgueimaimflbKrrrPAOdLaNnwqygsnMlYhncxmGqEdErkmy

Midrange/ Rage Hlaalu is another interesting deck that also happens to be competitively viable. This deck was built specifically to do well against Midrange Blue strategies. It couples the endless draw from Crusader Colors with the cheap lethal pings and easy single target removal with the Lethal Archer package to make a deck that excels in early game board control and presents big threats like Cradlecrush Giant and Belligerent Giant in the mid game to sneak in huge damage. The deck is consistent in what it does and is a clear counter to a heavy Blue meta. This will be a deck I keep in my pocket for awhile, especially if the deck is given more tools in the upcoming expansion.


Hopefully these strategies either give you inspiration for new ideas, or solid strategies to try and experiment with on ladder. All of these archetypes will likely have room for new tech from the upcoming expansion so watch out for cards that could fit in these archetypes, but until then, I hope I gave you some ideas on what to try in the short time before Oblivion is unleashed upon TESL. I look forward to see how the competitive scene continues to develop in weekly Warpmeta Touraments and I hope to see some of these decks make their way onto the mainstream ladder and hopefully to the tournament meta.

Author: Automaton1989

Posted: 2019-09-24