About Us

About Us

WarpMeta™ is a tournament platform that enables gamers in the competitive Overwatch community to compete with other players of similar skill in an organized environment. We deliver quality competition, as well as an engaging viewing experience so that our players can experience the essence of what it is to be a pro, without the worry of commitment.

We are currently running Overwatch tournaments and events, and look forward to bringing other eSports game tournaments to our players in the future!

Our Team

Guild Leader

Matt is our founder and fearless leader and also the founder of esportsfanz.com, the forerunner of WarpMeta. He spends every waking hour improving the WarpMeta experience and plays Overwatch and other games in his sleep.
Matt "Automaton" Vargas


Nicholas "Pezant" Pezarro has been involved in commentating on and writing about games since 2014. He's got multiple projects in mind for the future including exploring the world of voice acting, building an indie game of his own and making the wireless telecommunications market in Canada less awful.
You can read his articles at www.pezant.ca, or find him at Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Youtube at nickthepezant.
Nick "Pezant" Pezarro


Joshua "MTarget" (or "Moving Target") Grassman has been on the mic in esports since 2013, commentating titles in most genres but focusing on MOBA and FPS.
He can be found on twitter at @mtargetproduct
Joshua "MTarget" Grassman


Jess "RomalusIV" Woodruff is a corporate auditor by day, and game enthusiast by night. Jess has been playing games for over two decades, and has been running and participating in LAN parties since college. He's here to get as involved in the eSports community as possible, and get to know all you fine people.
Jess "RomalusIV" Woodruff

Elder, Website

Steve spends too much time doing stuff he likes, such as working with start-ups at Tech-Rx and tinkering with websites, instead of doing what he should be doing, like working out and losing 20 30 pounds.
Steve "Tactician" Hogan

Elder, Legal

Frank is a reknowned Silicon Valley lawyer, but he asks that you not hold that against him. He works with both startups and fully grown companies, and has recently developed a taste for cherry danishes.
Frank "Counselor" Vargas